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  1. Sustainability through Alternative Energy and Green Materials

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    British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell have declared that by 2050, most of the world’s energy needs will be met using alternative or clean energy. Renewable sources like natural gas, wind power and geothermal hot spots are valued for their clean properties.

    Wind turbines

    Wind energy is fast growing in popularity and thanks to recent developments has experienced a surge in production volume, accompanied by a dip in the cost of set-up and expansion. And geothermal energy harvested from the heat of the Earth’s core is ever abundant and produces steam which in turn can drive turbine based devices to generate electricity.

    Sustainable energy providers work to supply cities and operational activities like manufacturing with adequate clean power. To further accelerate the process of going green, vendors can use responsibly sourced or ‘sustainable’ materials to update infrastructure. This may include lead free bearings or items like reclaimed wood to replace traditional provisioning.

    Bunting Bearings is a premiere name in the niche of environmentally friendly bearing solutions and supplies sustainable energy providers, marine, medical and other commercial markets with high quality components. Our eco-friendly alloys like the C87850 ECO Bronze, C95400 Aluminium- Bronze, C89835 Bismuth bronze are RoHS compliant and meet the lead-free safe drinking water act and are manufactured for use in heavy machinery and on rugged terrains.

    By incorporating these materials into your manufacturing supply chain, your business can more easily reach sustainability goals. And by greening processes at the procurement level, employees can take note and find additional ways for the company to decrease its environmental footprint. Selecting eco-friendly industrial products is just the start – how else does your facility plan to increase sustainability this year? Let us know on Twitter.