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  1. Advantages of Permanent Mold Castings and Products

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    The production process of permanent mold castings and products is one we take very seriously at Bunting Bearings. Our quality engineered cast materials and bearings are made with the highest standards so that your components will work to their best abilities. Here are the top advantages of our permanent mold castings and products:

    Permanent Mold Castings

    • Smooth Filling of Molds – To reduce risks of defects caused by inclusions and turbulence, which would compromise the product you receive, we use a grating design for reliably smooth mold fillings.
    • Superior Physical Attributes – Exceptional mechanical properties. Dominant casting strength is achieved by using the permanent mold casting process rather than the sand casting process.
    • Excellent Surface Finishes – As-cast products have top-quality finishes and dense surface structure, which makes them easier to polish.
    • Closer Net Shaped Profiles – Intricate shapes and designs can be cast by our expert team, as per your specifications, using the permanent mold process.
    • Precise, Consistent Control – Our electric melting furnaces produce consistent metal heats while our permanent mold dies have precise dimension control, and our CNC machines work with unmatched precision.
    • Weight Reduction – As compared to the sand castings, the permanent mold castings are more lightweight due to both the materials used and the slimmer sections (as thin as 0.09”) held within them.
    • Tight Pressure – Get superior pressure tightness and soundness by using our high-quality permanent mold casting process for your order.
    • Few Defects or Part Variation – It is crucial that you get uniform parts for your projects, so we use metal dies that minimize part variation to as little at only +/-0.002”. Metal dies vary significantly less than sand-casting, which lowers part-to-part variability significantly.
    • Tiny Cast Holes – Small holes (as tiny as 0.187”) can be cast into parts, with very close tolerances. This ability often eliminates the need for any secondary drilling and gets your finished part completed quickly.
    • Eco-friendly – Bunting recycles grates and scrap through our furnaces to reduce our company’s carbon footprint. We believe in taking responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment and therefore support green practices.

    There is a range of benefits when ordering permanent mold castings and products from Bunting Bearings. Our team of certified professionals look forward to producing high-quality, intricate castings and products to meet your needs and wants. Contact us to request a quote today.