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  1. Improving Sustainability and Safety in the Industrial Supply Chain

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    Though Earth Day is now over, many companies are still tasked with the job of finding more environmentally friendly materials and processes. It’s a difficult and time consuming objective, but one that is well worth the effort. One way to lessen your environmental footprint is by choosing “green” products to incorporate into the supply chain.  Our eco-friendly alloy C87850 ECO Bronze is RoHS compliant and meets the lead-free safe drinking water act. The main difference between our ECO BRONZE and other lead-free alternatives is that ECO BRONZE is a great bearing material.

    Lead Free Bearing

    Other options often compromise their bearing properties in an effort to become lead-free, but ECO BRONZE has proven to be equal, and in some cases superior to, the leaded bearing materials it has replaced.

    In addition to environmental concerns, the safety of products coming into contact with drinking water is of great importance. Given the recent epidemic of lead contamination in drinking water throughout the United States, it’s important to find alternative lead-free materials for use in these types of applications.

    ECO BRONZE may be the most tested lead-free bronze material to-date; Bunting Bearings and Chase Brass had this material arduously tested by various independent laboratories in the USA, and all came to the same conclusion: “it’s tough,” “non-galling,” “does not get brittle at high temperatures,” “superior impact and compressive strength” and “a great bearing material.”

    By incorporating ECO BRONZE into your manufacturing supply chain, your business can more easily reach sustainability goals. Being environmentally responsible is a goal that Bunting Bearomgs, Chase Brass and most of our customers share. By specifying a green product such as ECO BRONZE in lieu of a traditional leaded material you have taken a significant step forward. Furthermore, by leading your company with the procurement change your employees can take note and find additional ways for your business to decrease its environmental footprint. Selecting eco-friendly bronze products is just the start – how else does your facility plan to increase sustainability this year?