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  1. Why to Be Conflict-Free

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    Conflict minerals—specifically tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold—are some of the most commonly used, yet controversial substances in the world. They’ve been used in everything from household electronics and mobile phones to machinery and assemblies.

    Also known as 3TG minerals, the reason for their controversy is the highly unethical and tragic behavior linked to their sourcing. Mainly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the looting and sale of these minerals has financed various rebel groups who have controlled the region and inflicted various atrocities on its people. At least 50% of the mines from which these minerals come are guarded by armed militia, while the miners themselves, including young children, work in horrendous conditions.

    As a result, Section 1502 of the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, passed January 1, 2013, requires that all public companies who utilize minerals included in the conflict minerals list investigate the origin of these minerals and source them from non-conflict regions.

    While we are a privately held company and therefore not subject to the rule, we guarantee that, to the best of our knowledge, our supply chain does not include any conflict minerals that originate in the Democratic Republic of Congo or its adjoining countries. We are a company committed to ethical practices and will continue to remain DRC conflict-free.

    The cost of doing business is never worth supporting unjust causes or conditions, and we encourage everyone to pledge to a DRC conflict-free supply chain. To learn more about the problem, and what’s being done to stop it, visit this website.