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The Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Plan Driving Heavy Equipment Demand

Surveys from renowned sources like the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation show that a large percentage of executives believe the economy will improve over the next few months. And about 48.4% of respondents are looking forward to a tangible increase in profits in their respective niches.

The North American market is responding to expectations for a more business-friendly climate. Coupled with a significant slowdown of some prominent Asian engines that have been monopolizing the global landscape and putting pressure on businesses in the United States, the “fair” economy is inching towards a “strong” rating.

The Trillion Dollar Trump Plan

The President has budgeted $1 trillion for highways, waterways, airports, waterlines and bridges. He is also expected to allocate funds for affordable housing and construction of public health provision centers. In short, the infrastructure of the nation is set for positive growth thanks to a surge in planned infrastructure investment.

According to the U.S Treasury department, infrastructure and public work projects valued at 330 billion dollars can provide up to a trillion in economic benefits. It goes without saying that the proposed trillion dollar plan should likewise provide a substantial return.

What Happens When You Invest in Infrastructure?

The construction and development projects can create more opportunities for STEM graduates and workers in heavy equipment. Companies that work with steel, cement production, and construction also stand to benefit from increased infrastructure investment.

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